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The DGA35 CRANE DRUM LIFTER is designed for transporting drums with either crane or hoist. This unit attaches to the rim of a steel 205 litre drum in an instant making lifting safe and effortless.

Working load limit (WLL): 350kg
Unit weight: 12kg
Durable Zinc finish
The type CDC-1 Crane Drum Clamp uses a chainbelly strap with ratchet tightening to allow clampingof standard 205 litre steel drums. This allows the drumto be transported about the workplace/site safely. TheUnit is supplied with Lifting Chains.

Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
Unit Weight 30kg
Chain Belly Strap with Over-centre Catch
The DBR Drum Rotators are designed to lift and rotate 205 litre steel drums through 360 degrees using either overhead crane or forklift. Rotation of the drum is fully controlled throughout the operation

Model DBR40H is designed for drum rotation up to chest height. Rotation is carried out via the hand wheel fitted.


Zinc finish
WLL 400kg
Unit weight: DBR40H 70kg, DBR40C 72kg
Pocket size 160 x 65mm at 615mm centres
HCG 705mm, VCG 35mm
The type CDR1000 Crane Drum Rotator is a heavy lift capacity Crane Drum Rotator suitable for miningoperations, manufacturers and foundries. The Drum is quickly clamped into the holder via the twin Chain Belly Strap allowing 360° rotation.

This Unit is also available with either a Chain (type CDR1000C) or a Handle (type CDR1000H) driven gearbox for rotation.

Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
Unit Weight 220kg
360° Rotation
Rotation Centre to Lifting Eye 940mm
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