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180 degree (Standard) Rotators
The XR3 series of 180 degree rotators are ideal for load inverting and dumping applications. The single hydraulic cylinder produces a smooth, high torque rotation while self-lubricating bearings and chrome shafts eliminate maintenance.

Additionally, the XR3-23-3A (class II) and XR3-35-3A (class III) models feature an extra arm for additional load stabilisation.

Contact SQMH for all sizes and capacities of our range of rotators.

*Fork tines not included*
360 degree (Standard) Rotators
SQMH's range of 360 Rotators increases forklift functionality by enabling the operator to rotate loads and empty bins, while retaining the ability to handle palletised and conventional loads.

SQMH can supply all sizes and capacities on request.

*Please note: Tines and connecting hose not included

** Reinforced 'lower-hook' tines available upon request (P.O.A.)
360 degree (Heavy Duty) Rotators

Hydraulic Rotators are used for sideward emptying in all areas of industry.
The rotation range is 360 degree continuous. The attachment is driven by means of a worm gear with three teeth being constantly in mesh. This results in low strain on the teeth and quiet running of the gear. On the fork carriage, which is mounted to the front of the attachment, forks can be manually adjusted and locked. The large opening in the centre provides excellent visibility at the forks.
Standard Hydraulic Bale Clamps
SQMH's range of Bale Clamps enable forklift operator to clamp unpaletised loads. The Bale Clamp's opening range can be designed to suit multiple load sizes.

SQMH can supply all sizes and capacities upon request.
Grab Attachment
The Grab Attachment has been designed to grab, secure poles or pipes and safely lift and transport these by Forklift about the worksite.
This slip-on attachment can be fitted in seconds to a forklift requiring only the connection to the 3rd function hydraulics, via the quick connect hydraulic couplings, and the installation of two locking pins supplied to prevent the unit from moving off the fork arms.

Please contact SQMH for pricing.
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