Hydraulic Drum Attachments

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The type DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum Rotator is a heavy duty 205 litre Drum Lifter with hydraulic grab/rotation ability. With 1 tonne lift capacity, this attachment is ideal for the recycle industry and for mining applications. This lifter is able to pick a single drum from a pallet of 4 without disturbing the other 3 drums.
The type DC-GR2/HPP Hydraulic Drum Rotator is a heavy-duty 205 litre Drum Lifter with hydraulic grab/rotation ability. The battery/electric Hydraulic Power Pack (HPP) eliminates the need to connect to the Forklift’s hydraulic system. This self contained unit includes a 12 volt hydraulic pump, 105ah industrial battery and pulse battery charger.
The type DC-R2 Hydraulic Drum Rotator is designed to lift and rotate 205 litre Drums. A Chain Belly Strap with an eccentric lock holds the Drum firmly in position. Rotation is provided by the Forklift hydraulics and controlled by the 3 function lever.

This unit is designed with a heavy lift capacity. The standard finish is painted enamel.
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