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Merlo Telehandler – Innovation Meets Versatility

Merlo Telehandler – innovation meets versatility

Through the innovative approach to product development, Merlo Group has become the world market leader in hydrostatic transmission telehandlers. Whether you are looking to hire or purchase, South Queensland Material Handling can provide a wide range of award-winning Merlo Telehandlers for all applications.

What is a Merlo Telehandler?

A Merlo Telehandler is a highly effective piece of equipment, popular throughout the mining, agriculture and construction industries. Unlike a tractor, Merlo Telehandlers have greater visibility, can squeeze into smaller places and are compatible with a range of attachments for different tasks. Basically, the Merlo Telehandler is an earthmoving all-rounder and a workhorse when it comes to heavy-duty machinery. Telehandlers are primarily a ‘lift and place’ tool, but their application is vast, ranging from industry to industry. A Merlo Telehandler will move hay in agriculture, while they are often used for earthmoving and excavating on construction sites. They are also useful for ploughing dirt, moving heavy cleanup loads, and lifting general material to high places.

What are the advantages of the Merlo Telehandler?

Merlo Telehandlers have many key benefits that make them one of the most valuable and time-saving pieces of equipment on a job site. Used across multiple industries, the interchangeable arm attachment means that one telehandler can have numerous uses. Some even have 360–400-degree rotation.

Other advantages include:

  • Award-winning technology
  • On and off-road 4WD capabilities, allowing a seamless transition between transport and use, even on rough terrain.
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Superior acceleration and high maximum speed
  • Unrivalled comfort, efficiency and agility
  • Diesel fuel to match other machinery on your jobsite
  • Ability to carry and lift loads from transport to off-road site without stopping
  • High ground clearance

Where are Merlo Telehandlers made?

Located in Cuneo, Italy, the purpose-built Merlo factory showcases the latest developments in leading technology in automated robotics, electronic controls, automated machining and robotic parts management, both for assembly and replacement parts supply. The factory opened in 1964 and now covers over 180,000 m2 for production, training, research and development, with over 80% of production being exported. 

What are the advantages of buying or hiring a Merlo Telehandler from South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH)?

All our machines at SQMH are fully supported by our team of factory-trained technicians. We offer ongoing service and support through all areas of aftermarket, including warranty, spare parts, field service and 24-hour breakdown assistance.

In the market for a Merlo Telehandler? Explore the massive range at SQMH

South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH) is proud to be one of Queensland’s biggest forklift and telehandler dealers and repairers. Trading since 2008, SQMH offers top quality materials handling equipment from Yale Forklifts and Merlo Telehandlers, as well as a wide range of rough terrain forklifts. We are known for our after-sales support, servicing and parts. SQMH will always find a materials handling solution for you. Explore our complete range of award-winning machines here.

Have trouble choosing a telehandler or need more information? SQMH can help you determine the perfect machine to meet your needs and budget. Download our brochures online or chat with our friendly team in Torrington today on 07 4634 2744.

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