Why Rent From Us?

The benefits, of course.


SQMH can supply forklifts for short or long term rentals to suit any application, our fleet is continuously updated with the latest models.



  • Capital gain is released when your hire forklifts are purchased turning assets into cash.

  • Forklift hire charges are part of your operating costs and therefore are 100% tax-deductible.

  • Lines of credit are enhanced as forklift hire payments are not required to be shown as liabilities on financial statements.

  • Costs can be controlled with forklift hire fees established upfront which incorporate repair and maintenance cost facilitating accurate budgeting.


  • Availability of hire forklifts is guaranteed with replacement equipment supplied, at no additional cost, in instances of equipment failure.

  • Flexibility can be built into fleet management to ensure seasonal requirements can be met cost-effectively allowing your hire forklifts to increase and decrease to meet your needs.

  • Regular consultancy and planning in terms of programmed maintenance timing and additional forklift hire requirements will provide optimum equipment availability.



  • Elimination of all administrative duties associated with record keeping, maintenance and compliance with the state government department in terms of hire forklifts.

Renting makes "cents"


Get the latest technology and access to a network of expert technicians


Scale your fleet when necessary to respond to fluctuating demands


Skip the major investment with fixed rental costs - maintenance included

Have questions? Call us today, and let us help save you money.