We've changed the game.

Introducing the

Yale® End Rider

Order picking accounts for 50-65%

of the typical warehouse's total operating costs

You need to be as efficient as possible

to keep costs down

Boost order picking, escalate throughput

Precision engineered with advanced technology and features, the Yale® MPE060-080VH and MPE060G

end riders are what you need to move throughout. Its modern features promote greater picking efficiency and transport speed.

More than 1/3 of all lost workdays are associated with muscular or skeletal problems and account for more than $20 billion in workers' compensation costs annually.

You need to be as efficient as possible

to keep costs down


89% of distribution professionals believe that

investments in technology save time

and boost labour productivity.

Is your technology equipping operators for maximum performance?

Outsmart your competition.


Smart Lift/Lower


Automatically raises/lowers forks with one touch.

Shaves seconds off picks by enabling the operator to

focus on the next

task while the truck completes fully lifting/lowering.


Yale Smart Slow Down™


Reduces truck speed when cornering to enhance load stability and operator control, decreasing risk of product damage.


Smart Acceleration


Provides two distinct acceleration profiles based on application, load and task. Saves 1-4 seconds per movement by accessing the faster profile before loads are too high.


Smart Cruise Control


Permits operator to set truck speed, allowing them to relax the throttle over long hauls, minimising wrist/hand stress.

Save up to $150,000 in lifetime maintenance.

With reduced service times and extended service intervals, this truck can be serviced faster and as much as 50% less often, meaning more time moving product.

Stand up to your toughest challenges.

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Operator Padding.jpg

A side-by-side comparison, demonstrating the time it takes to change a drive tire on a Yale® end rider and a Crown pallet truck. The Yale end rider can be changed in ONE-TENTH of the time it takes to change the competition. Actual drive tire changes by qualified lift truck technician on Yale MPE080VH and Crown PE4500. Results may differ depending on specific model and technician.


Do you want your operators at the top of their game, your service technicians content and your boss thinking you’re brilliant?

Make it happen with Yale end riders – they are ergonomic, sleek and high-tech machines that deliver the quality and convenience you need to thrive.

LED Platform Lights

LED Platform Lights

Provide increased pedestrian and operator awareness in dark trailer or congested areas. Encased for added protection and durability, the lights can be programmed with different modes / flash patterns to communicate status.

LED Low-level Fork Lights

LED Low-level Fork Lights

Provide in-trailer illumination for trailer unloading applications. Recessed or caged for added protection and durability, the lights help reduce pallet and product damage and increase visibility for operator confidence and productivity.

Split Horn Buttons

Split Horn Buttons

Horn buttons are split in the back of the grab bar so operators can engage without moving their hand from the functional driving positions.

Ultra Cushion

Ultra Cushion

incorporates exclusive, military-grade construction to enhance durability and help reduce shock and vibration by 30% when compared to conventional rubber mats; helps improve operator comfort and provide steady footing while accommodating up to a size 13 shoe (available on MPE060-080VH models only)

Full Rotary Control Handle

Full Rotary Control Handle

integrates a twist/grip design to minimise wrist stress and allow for precise lift/lower, travel control and horn functions from both sides; incorporates a shallow indentation for ideal leg placement and optimised operator comfort.

Power Assist Steering

Power Assist Steering

helps reduce physical effort by up to 60% compared to manual steer trucks; programmable to match the desired feel of turning.