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Magnetic Sweeper

MSA hang-type magnetic sweepers greatly reduce the risk of costly damage to tyres and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, staples etc. Simply hang a magnetic sweeper from your forklift or behind a vehicle bumper and ‘sweep’ all contaminated areas. The magnetic Forklift Sweepers are powerful, permanent magnets for the removal of sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other important traffic areas.Two eye bolts are installed on each magnet broom for suspending.

To remove fragments from sweeper, simply pull the handle on top of the magnetic broom allowing the metal fragments to drop off.

Forklift pockets are available in 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” sizes
Maximum recommended operating speed: 8km/h

48” model picks up 5kg of 2 1/2” long nails from 2” high (about 1,000 pieces)
Permanent magnet for effective sweeping results

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