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The QLD forklifts specialists

With rapid changes in material handling technology and the extensive amount of brands of forklifts, buying a forklift can be intimidating even for a seasoned procurement officer.

Our team of specialists are here to help. We can expertly determine the ideal type of forklift to match your requirements, with our wide range of new and used forklifts for sale.

You can purchase from us knowing that your forklift has undergone full inspections are ready to be put to work.

Our Yale forklift range

"People, Products, Productivity.”

We are proud suppliers of an extensive range of Yale forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers. As a company, Yale is one of the oldest and original manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment in the world, having been in the business for over 137 years! Their tagline "People, Products, Productivity." sums up the elements of their business that makes them the most successful.


Yale employees and their carefully selected dealerships around the world are dedicated to solving problems and assisting every customer to ensure their business runs as smooth as possible.


Yale has an unrivalled heritage in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment, with a firm commitment to quality - investing over $40 million annually in research and development.


Every Yale product is designed to improve productivity by allowing tasks to be handled in the most efficient manner possible and helping operators remain both comfortable and safe.

Together with Yale, our team at SQMH believe services around the material handling equipment are just as important as the equipment itself. Consequently, we offer parts, maintenance, financing and fleet management programmes that are designed to maximise uptime and minimise ownership concerns.

Rough terrain forklifts are also outfitted with tires that are large and knobby to allow them to grip the soil, to prevent them from sinking and to travel over obstacles. They also feature reinforcement to prevent punctures or damage from rocks and other materials. Many rough terrain forklifts incorporate front or loose four-wheel drive to enhance manoeuvrability.

Rough terrain forklifts come in two basic configurations that are designed to handle different types of loads and lifting operations.

  • The vertical mast is the most common, which closely resembles an indoor forklift. It features vertical support located in front of the driver, with tines that extend out parallel to the ground.
  • A variable reach lift is designed for greater flexibility and features a telescoping boom. This boom allows the operator to safely lift materials over obstacles or obstructions.

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