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Yale Series N – GDP/GLP2.0-3.5N

Set your own standard.

Customization and performance for a wide range of requirements

Operator-centric design

An ergonomic workspace strategically engineered around comfort, convenience and commonality helps operators stay comfortable and productive all shift long.

  • Operator assistance systems help support operator awareness and best practices for manoeuvring the truck
  • Ergonomic operator compartment helps fend off fatigue and offer increased comfort all shift long.
  • Excellent all-around visibility helps boost operator confidence and efficiency.

Fuel efficiency

Using less fuel to do more work, makes sense for both your budget and the world.
With over 13% less Diesel* and 9% less LPG consumption per truck, the Series N offers greater fuel efficiency than leading competitive models**, reduced emissions and lower fuel costs.

*Diesel fuel consumption according to VDI EN16796. H2.​5A with VDP hydraulic pump verses Linde H2.​5D and Toyota 56-8FD25F
**According to standard test EN 16796, which is set out by the VDI. This compares all values of fuel consumption that have been published by each of the following European based manufacturers. (Linde, STILL, Jungheirich, Toyota, Nissan, Komatsu) If the manufacturer is not in the list, then it is not stated in their spec sheets.

Low total cost of ownership

Proven reliability, durable components help minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs. These cost saving benefits combined with the ability to custom configure the truck to match individual requirements delivers the right truck at the right price.

  • Telemetry monitoring diagnoses faults remotely to alert operations of maintenance needs without the need for manual inspection.
  • On-demand cooling helps keep the Series N cool and reduces the frequency with which operators need to manually clear debris from the radiator
  • Greasing intervals: Tapered roller bearings in the steer axle are more durable against shock and require less frequent greasing than needle bearings found on most competitive models

Dependable high performance

Designed with exceptional all-round visibility and industry-exclusive technology to help support peak performance, confidence and productivity to meet today’s challenges in a variety of applications.

  • Cycle times: rapid acceleration and fast lift/lower speeds, help shave seconds off each cycle.
  • Return to set tilt: forks automatically set a predetermined tilt angle enabling consistent load placement and entry/exit positioning.
  • Dynamic stability system (DSS): helps promote operating best practices by implementing truck performance limits speed, lifting and tilt speed. Unlike systems on some competitive models, there are no serviceable components.
  • Object detection: utilises LiDAR technology to help alert operators to objects detected in the path of travel and automatically reduces truck speed to help increase operator awareness to potential hazards, thereby reinforcing proper operating practices and maintaining productivity.
  • Rear facing camera and corresponding display provides additional awareness of trucks surroundings to support the operator. Particularly during manoeuvring from forward to reverse.

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