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Merlo TF30.9-155 Lee Telehandler

Always first in class


The TF30.9 models are part of the Compact Telehandlers series, recipient of the Machine of the Year 2015 award because of its high and innovative technological contents; it is also a source of inspiration for the development of the Merlo ranges. The 3,000 kg capacity characterises the models in this range. Merlo is the only manufacturer of telescopic handlers offering a compact solution with a lift height of nine metres. The strength of the range lies in its wide range of products, which allows you to choose between numerous versions with exclusive technological contents, like the (BSS) Boom Suspension System, to respond to different operational needs. The Fan Drive is a technology fitted as standard that allows you to change the engine fan’s rotation direction from venting, which cools the radiators, to blowing, which cleans the radiators, eliminating dust and residues collected during the work phase. This range’s telescopic handlers are also available in the “Low Profile” (LEE) version, which allows the machine’s height to be reduced by 10 cm without compromising the cab’s dimensions.


The cab is designed to guarantee a record level of comfort for our customers. At 1010 m, it is the widest in the category, but careful attention has also been given to acoustic and thermal comfort.

Furthermore, the low-frequency Hydropneumatic shock absorber system allows for the drastic reduction of vibrations inside the passenger compartment and in the driver’s seat.

  • Air conditioning: The air conditioning system is completely new and has been developed according to automotive standards, halving the warm-up and cool down times to guarantee the optimal temperature in all conditions. The Merlo cab can reach an optimal internal temperature, even in extreme weather conditions. The inlet vent is placed on the side of the cab, away from potential sources of dust and dirt to maximise the service life of the filters. Inside there are 8 vents, three of which are dedicated to defrosting the windscreen, for optimal climate comfort.
  • ROPS/FOPS: The Merlo cab is FOPS – Level II – and ROPS certified. This ensures a high level of safety for the operator.
  • Pressurisation: The latest generation Merlo cab incorporates a pressurisation system compliant with ISO 10263-3.
  • Visibility: Merlo telescopic handlers are known worldwide for their extraordinary visibility, thanks to the large 4.3 m² glass surface and the exclusive roof design.
  • Reverse shuttle at steering wheel: The reverse shuttle at steering wheel control: intuitive and within easy reach, increasing safety and manoeuvring agility while maintaining full control of the steering wheel.
  • Door that can be opened at 180°: Exclusive door that can be opened at 180° for easy access and featuring an independent upper window: air circulation, visibility and direct contact with those working outside are assured without compromise.


Merlo designs and produces its own axles internally, which are thus made and tailored to each application, enhancing performance and safety for each model.

  • Epicyclic reducers: The axles fitted to the machine are equipped with epicyclic reducers that are synonymous with great reliability. Their exclusive design offers a lower centre of gravity for excellent traction.
  • Three steering modes: Merlo telescopic handlers offer three steering modes: only the front wheels, pivot steering and crab steering. This exclusive solution adopted on the axles guarantees the maximum steering angle to perform manoeuvres in tight spaces.
  • Four-wheel drive: The driving wheels, which are always engaged, are synonymous with maximum traction in all operating conditions.
  • Braking: The integral servo-assisted braking system acts on the four wheels for maximum safety in every working context. Parking brake: activates automatically when the engine is switched off or can be engaged manually from the cab.
  • Exclusive precision: Guarantees maximum movement precision, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, which ensures millimetric variations in the machine’s movements and load’s positioning.


The Merlo designers have adopted technologically advanced diesel engines, advanced hydrostatic transmissions and axles equipped with dry disc brakes, which contribute to reducing power absorption. Diesel engine/transmission management is electronic to optimise performance and minimise energy consumption.

  • Deutz 115 HP engine: This model is equipped with a 115 HP (85 kW) four-cylinder Deutz Stage V engine. The engine complies with anti-pollution regulations with the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), DPF (Diesel particulate filter) and SCR (Selective Catalysis Reduction). 
  • Maximum speed of 40 km/h: The only one in the category to reach the maximum speed of 40 km/h 
  • Load sensing and Flow sharing: The Load sensing and Flow sharing pump allows numerous simultaneous movements regardless of the load handled, the operating pressure, the engine revolutions or the pump flow rate. This allows for the optimisation of operations, reducing work times and improving system efficiency. The transmission system is managed in a way that guarantees a high static starting torque, smooth progression and an optimisation of cycle times and consumption.
  • Customised mapping: The patented Merlo EPD System includes three modes of use that apply to different operating needs: “Heavy Load”, “Eco” and “Speed Control”. The “Eco” mode optimises performance according to consumption and can be used for light-duty operations; the “Speed Control” mode, which is fundamental for transport and towing conditions, allows the travelling speed to be set and maintained constant regardless of the variation in operating conditions; the “Heavy Load” function, optimised for performance, allows the full potential of the machine to be exploited in the harshest environments, making it particularly useful for those who carry out heavy-duty work. Finally, EPD includes the control of the engine revolutions proportionally to the use of the joystick (the greater the inclination of the joystick, the greater the engine revolutions). Functionality optimised for material handling.


The Merlo designers have devised a sturdy, compact and lightweight telescopic boom, today a benchmark for design, load capacity and speed when carrying out work. The chosen steel is of the Scandinavian structural type with welds along the neutral bending axis, offering a rectilinear boom in any extension or loading condition.

  • 8.6 m boom: The boom consists of three sections: the maximum lift height is 8.6 metres for unrivalled versatility. The components – including the boom extension cylinder, the hydraulic pipes and the electric cables – are housed within a cartridge structure inserted in the boom. This exclusive solution considerably increases the longevity of the components and makes the external shape clean and snag free, allowing for rapid maintenance operations.
  • ZM2: The ZM2-type tool carrier carriage allows for all Merlo attachments to be connected. The hydraulic locking of the tools is carried out from the cab, while the hydraulic and electrical connections feature quick couplings.
  • Tac Lock: The attachments are easily replaceable, thanks to the exclusive Tac-Lock system for the hydraulic locking of the attachments, thereby improving operating comfort.
  • Hydraulic and electrical connections: Hydraulic and electrical connections are available at the end of the boom, allowing for the movements of the various usable attachments to be operated directly from the cab.
  • Protection of the handled load: The boom suspension system (BSS) is available, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain.

Safety comes Standard!

The whole Merlo product range sold in the Australian market and used in Australia is certified as meeting the required Australian Standards issued. The most popular Merlo telehandlers have been

Tested and Certified following the latest Australian certifications.

The certification includes the design analysis, the stability and limiting device validation, according to specific load charts for Australia. In addition, the structural integrity design is checked.

Therefore, Merlo machines are delivered with a Certificate of Conformity issued by the Manufacturer “Merlo S.p.A” directly.

In addition, and upon request, any Merlo Telehandler and its original attachments offered to our final customers can be provided with its proper specific “Design Verification” documents

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