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Setting the standard for performance and productivity 

The Yale GP15-35MX counterbalanced forklift has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of power, speed, low fuel consumption and clean performance. Built for demanding work cycles and available with a range of standard and optional features, the GP15-35MX model line-up is a powerful addition to maintain optimum customer performance. 

Total Truck Reliability

With the MX Series from Yale, total reliability comes built in. Put simply, every last component has been designed to provide long-lasting performance day in, day out, year after year.

  • Advanced control and operational functions; Traction Interlock*,
    Hydraulic Interlock*, side shift and fork positioners (*dependant on region & truck configuration)
  • Innovative Cooling System
  • Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE)

Cutting Downtime

The Yale® MX Series doesn’t just make it easier to carry out vital servicing tasks. It’s a truck that has been designed to require less maintenance.

  • Reduced Service Intervals 
  • Designed for optimum accessibility in servicing.
  • On-board diagnostics on advanced dash display 

Intelligent Ergonomics

Yale has always prided itself on the intelligent ergonomics of its fork lift trucks and the MX Series, like many a Yale® truck before it, sets

the standards for comfort and control.

  • Hi-Vis™ Mast.
  • Isolated powertrain and full suspension seat
  • Interactive Dash Display 

Low Cost of Ownership

The purchase price of materials handling equipment is only one small part of the overall cost of running a fleet of equipment. There is a host of other factors to consider including periodic maintenance, unscheduled repairs, the cost of replacement tyres, brakes and fuel. Only then can you arrive at a true lifetime cost of ownership.

  • Designed to minimise overall operating costs.
  • Superb performance with truly outstanding fuel economy 
  • Substantially lowers labour & maintenance costs. 

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