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Get The Job Done Right With Sinoboom Access Equipment

Sinoboom is a global leader in aerial work platforms and telehandlers, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality machines. Their award-winning products are used by many industries around the world, including construction, logistics, agriculture, and forestry. From scissor lifts to boom lifts, Sinoboom has everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Let’s look at why Sinoboom is the best choice for all your access needs.

The Safety Difference

Safety is always of utmost importance when it comes to accessing elevated areas. That’s why SQMH, in partnership with Sinoboom, takes security seriously and makes sure that our equipment meets or exceeds national standards. Sinboom products feature advanced safety systems such as automatic boom retractation, tilt alarms, anti-slip platforms, secondary emergency brakes and system diagnostics to ensure that operators are safe while using their equipment.

Innovation at its finest

Sinoboom prides itself on its innovative approach to design and engineering. Additionally, the products are engineered with user-friendliness as a top priority. This ensures that operators can swiftly commence operations while still maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

They also offer custom options for those who need specific features or functions for their job site needs. Plus, they are constantly innovating new ways to make their products even more user-friendly and efficient so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Sustainability matters

At SQMH, we understand that sustainability matters when it comes to access equipment. Sinoboom equipment is built to last, requiring less maintenance over time due to its durable design. Sinoboom products provide eco-friendly features like electric power sources and energy-saving modes for superior performance and reduced costs.

South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH) and Sinoboom – a winning team

Sinoboom technology and SQMH expertise result in versatile machines that meet customer requirements. SQMH offers innovative and sustainable access equipment, from basic platform lifts to specialized aerial work platforms. Whether you’re a contractor or business owner looking for reliable access solutions, be sure to check out what SQMH has to offer.

Looking for access equipment in Toowoomba? Explore the huge range at SQMH

SQMH is proud to be one of Queensland’s biggest telehandler and forklift dealers and repairers. Trading since 2008, SQMH offers top-quality material handling equipment from Yale Forklifts and Merlo Telehandlers, as well as a wide range of rough terrain forklifts. We also offer forklift finance, servicing, parts and excellent after-sales service and maintenance packages that ensure customers receive long-term support for their equipment purchases.

Looking for the best access equipment in Queensland? SQMH will always find a material handling solution for you. Download our brochures online or chat with our friendly team in Torrington today at 07 4634 2744. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news.

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