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Application For A Forklift Licence In South East Queensland?

Forklifts play a vital role in many industries, including manufacturing, construction and warehousing. They are convenient and make difficult jobs easier. Becoming a licensed forklift operator can land you in a stable and rewarding career. Here’s how to get a forklift licence in South East Queensland.

Why do I need a forklift licence?

Operating forklifts comes with risks, including work-related injuries and even death. That’s why safety compliance is a significant part of the forklift training for a forklift operator. Current Work Health and Safety (Queensland) legislation requires people proposing to operate a forklift to complete formal theory training delivered by an (RTO) Registered Training Organisation who has been certified by Work Health and Safety to deliver the TLILIC0003 competency – “Licence to operate a forklift truck”.

Why is forklift certification a smart career move?

Forklift drivers are in high demand throughout Australia for a variety of work. New construction, maintenance work, dock work and even special events need the help of forklifts and their operators. Becoming forklift certified means that you will have your pick from the new forklift jobs popping up every day. Employers look favourably upon licensed forklift operators because it means that you comply with workplace safety regulations protecting you and your company. When you do a forklift training course, you fully understand how to operate the forklift, keeping safety in mind for everyone around you.

Why is it risky to be an unlicensed forklift operator?

Unlicensed operation of forklifts can, and will, incur large Work Health and Safety (Queensland) fines for the individual unlicensed operator, and in a much larger measure, the employer. In the event of an accident or incident, there is no insurance cover and all concerned could face prosecution by a court of law. This could equate to tens of thousands of dollars in fines and a criminal conviction.

What forklift training courses are available in Toowoomba?

Mengel Training Services Pty Ltd (the Registered Training Organisation of Ideal Driving School – RTO31800) has structured formal forklift theory and practical training courses. These courses are designed to meet the strict Queensland Work Health and Safety guidelines that are in place and the licensing compliance service requirements.

Option 1: For experienced, not licensed operators
Course details and requirements ›
Option 2: RTO delivers formal training and employee logs required hours at the workplace
Course details and requirements ›
Option 3: RTO delivers all formal and informal training
Course details and requirements ›
WorkSafe/Workcover Qld Information:
Forklift Licence Information ›

Forklift HRW licensing in South East Queensland

Ready to book your forklift licensing certificate? South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH) are partnered with local Toowoomba based Mengel Training Services who provide quality hands-on training by instructors with many years of industry experience. Book your licensing certificate here.

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