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Introducing Merlo’s TF65.9: The best access equipment

In the world of heavy machinery, reliability, power and performance are paramount, especially when it comes to tackling Australia’s diverse and demanding conditions. Merlo, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence, has raised the bar with their latest offering: the TF65.9 telehandler. Engineered to excel in Australia’s most rugged landscapes, this machine complements the high capacity range offered into the agricultural and waste re-handling market sectors. This new access equipment model, developed to guarantee fast handling of large quantities of material, is used in the world of biogas, cereal farms, industry, landfill, recycling and sawmills.

Unmatched lifting capacity

When it comes to material handling and heavy lifting, the Merlo TF65.9 stands tall. With a robust lifting capacity of up to 6,500kg, it effortlessly handles the heaviest loads, whether it’s construction materials, agricultural produce or industrial equipment. This impressive lifting prowess is a result of Merlo’s commitment to engineering excellence and their deep understanding of the challenges faced in Australia’s demanding work environments.

Powerful access equipment performance

Power is the backbone of any heavy machinery, and the Merlo TF65.9 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a high-performance engine, this telehandler delivers the raw power needed to conquer even the most challenging terrains. Its turbocharged engine generates an impressive amount of horsepower, ensuring that it operates efficiently and smoothly, even in the harshest conditions. Whether it’s ascending steep slopes or navigating through rough terrain, the TF65.9’s engine power ensures optimal performance.

Access equipment built for Australian conditions

The Forklift Truck In Warehouse

Merlo’s TF65.9 has been meticulously designed to thrive in diverse environments. Its robust construction, reinforced components and advanced hydraulic system ensure that it withstands the rigours of Australia’s weather and terrain. Dust, heat and uneven surfaces are no match for the TF65.9, making it a reliable partner for any project.

Precision and safety

The Merlo TF65.9 features advanced control systems that enable operators to manoeuvre heavy loads with precision, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring that every task is completed efficiently. The cabin is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, providing excellent visibility and ergonomic controls that reduce fatigue during long working hours.


The TF65.9 comes with a range of attachments and accessories that can be quickly and easily mounted, transforming it into a multifunctional machine capable of performing a wide array of tasks. From lifting and transporting materials to digging and loading, this telehandler adapts to the demands of various industries, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for multiple specialised machines.

South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH) – taking productivity to new heights


With SQMH as your trusted partner, you can elevate efficiency and ensure the safety of your workforce, enabling successful completion of projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Trading since 2008, SQMH offers top quality material handling equipment from Sinoboom, Yale Forklifts and Merlo Telehandlers, as well as a wide range of rough terrain forklifts. The company also offers forklift finance, servicing, parts, rentals and excellent after-sales service and maintenance packages that ensure customers receive long-term support for their equipment purchases. Looking for the best access equipment in Queensland? SQMH will always find a material handling solution for you. Download the SQMH brochures online or chat to the friendly team in Torrington today on 07 4634 2744. Follow SQMH on Facebook.

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