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The Benefits of Forklift Hire – Why Renting Makes ‘Cents’

With rapid changes in material handling technology and the extensive range of forklift brands on the market, it can be difficult to find the right forklift to suit your individual requirements. Whether you are looking to hire or purchase, South Queensland Material Handling can provide a wide range of award-winning forklifts for all applications.

What are the benefits of forklift hire?

There are many benefits of hiring a forklift from SQMH.

Key advantages include:


SQMH can supply forklifts for short or long-term rentals to suit many applications.

Latest technology

Our fleet at SQMH is continuously updated with the latest forklift models. We are proud suppliers of Yale forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers. Yale is one of the oldest and original manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment in the world, having been in the business since 1875.

Access to a network of expert technicians

Our team of specialists are here to help. We can expertly determine the ideal type of forklift to match your requirements, with our wide range of forklifts for hire. At SQMH, we ensure full inspections and readiness of all rented forklifts for immediate use, so you can confidently rent from us.

24-hour breakdown assistance

All our machines at SQMH are fully supported by our team of factory-trained technicians. We offer ongoing service and support, including field service and 24-hour breakdown assistance.

Scale your fleet to respond to fluctuating demands

Business fluctuations can affect forklift use and maintenance. When demand drops, you can be left with idle forklifts and workers – which is just as bad as over-usage. Idle forklifts and workers not only waste budgets; they pose a safety risk. Forklifts left idle for too long will need extra maintenance before going back into service. If not maintained, the operator is at risk of injury. How do you adapt your workflow to a fluctuating business climate? Rent!

Financial rewards

  • Capital gain is released when your hire forklifts are purchased turning assets into cash.
  • Forklift hire charges are part of your operating costs and therefore are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Lines of credit are enhanced as forklift hire payments are not required to be shown as liabilities on financial statements.
  • Costs can be controlled with forklift hire fees established upfront which incorporate repair and maintenance cost facilitating accurate budgeting.

Cost effective

Forklifts are a major purchase. A typical forklift, like the one you see in most warehouses, can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $42,000 depending on capacity, tyres and fuel type. Keep in mind that electric models are more expensive than comparable gas models. When you hire a forklift from SQMH, you skip the major investment. Our offerings include fixed rental costs with maintenance included.


Elimination of all administrative duties associated with record keeping, maintenance and compliance with the state government department in terms of hiring forklifts.

Need to hire a forklift? Explore the massive range at SQMH

South Queensland Material Handling (SQMH) is proud to be one of Queensland’s biggest forklift and telehandler dealers and repairers. Trading since 2008, SQMH offers top quality materials handling equipment from Yale Forklifts and Merlo Telehandlers, as well as a wide range of rough terrain forklifts. Our after-sales support, servicing, and parts are well-known in the industry. SQMH will always find a materials handling solution for you.

Need more information about our forklift hire service? SQMH can help you determine the perfect machine to meet your needs and budget. Download our brochures online or chat with our friendly team in Torrington today on 07 4634 2744.

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